Our Team


Project Founder and team leader: Wesley Coomber, wcoomber@asu.edu, 9515146637, Software Engineering, former Assistant Director of Marketing and Recruitment for the Programming and Activities Board at Arizona State University. Wesley was raised in a lower income minority-majority neighborhood in southern California. He did not have the opportunity to use a computer until he took a basic intro-to-computing class in early high school, but from then on he was hooked. “Education is something that I am really passionate about. And even more than just general education, I am very interested in bringing science and engineering education to the next level”. With a current 4.0 academic GPA at ASU, he is a strong student and strong team leader that has worked on multidisciplinary projects within Academia and outside of the classroom. Being Hispanic and Pacific-Islander, he recognizes the distinct lack of diversity within the computer science fields and is passionate about making coding friendly to everyone.

Alexandria Landry, Alexandria.Landry@asu.edu, 6233835940, Graphics Information Technology. Alexandria is an African-American woman majoring in Arizona State University’s innovative Graphics Information Technology, or GIT, that focuses on a unique multidisciplinary approach to user experience UX Design and human computer interaction. She has taken classes in web-scripting and visual fine arts, and is personally invested in implementing the project because of her personal experiences as a minority black woman in the science and technology fields.

Engineering student: Crystal Gutierrez, cgutier9@asu.edu, 623-313-4295, Software Engineering, former Teacher Assistant in Software Engineer classes in Object-Oriented Software Development I and II for the past 2 years. “I loved my work as a TA for these two classes because they are the basic computer science 101 classes for ASU’s software engineer major. I love helping new students, because for many students programming languages is a whole new world, and when I personally took that classes I also struggled initially, so now I want to help new students through the first more difficult classes”. Crystal was born and raised in Mexico and English is her second language. Her unique experiences as a Latino-Hispanic woman enrolled in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University, software engineering major has given her perspective into the unique challenges foreign and female students face while pursuing their studies in computer science.20150828_191344

Engineering Student Team Member: Daniel Tracy, drtracy1@asu.edu, 623-238-0614, Software Engineering. Daniel has exceptional planning skills that would aim to keep the project on track and in a focused direction. That mixed with his ability to problem solve practical coding problems, makes him a considerable resource for the team.

Team Member: Eric Dressler, Software Engineer, Ericis a student in Barrett, the Honors College at ASU, a member of Golden Key International Honor Society, and a member of Phi Kappa Phi International Honor Society. Eric is interested undergraduate research into human-computer interaction and how educational psychology can be applied to internet learning and online classes. Moreover, as someone who has participated in popular social justice movements, Eric recognizes and understands the unique challenges many minority and LBTGQ individuals face when it comes to seeking higher education. Thus, Eric is passionate about making sure everyone has equal access to educational resources, regardless of race, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

Our team is a diverse multidisciplinary group of smart men and women that are working together to solve the problem of under-representation of women and minorities within the technology industry and the general lack of STEM undergraduate students in America.


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